Details of Ann Arbor Economy, Sports News and Demography

Ann Arbor poses as a lucrative venue to several companies that deal with technology owing to the universities research and development arm and its vast talent pool of graduates. It has also been noticed that there has been a significant increase in the land prices of this area owing to a demographic change leading wealthier people to buy property here. What this has also brought about is a more affluent society with numerous opportunities for the sprouting new businesses spilling over into the country side as well.

Biotechnology, health services and technology, apart from the university are the major pillars of the city’s economy. Automobile companies such as General Motors and Visteon also find reason to employ people from this area.

Ann Arbor News was until now the major daily being circulated in this area. Covering all the several facets of the city from sports, entertainment, news features and neighborhood information, this daily closed its doors in July 2008. The Ann Arbor News was in circulation from the year 1835 started by Earl P Gardinier. The newspaper spokesperson cited economic difficulties caused by an unsustainable business model and a major slump in advertising revenues. The daily has been now replaced with the website which will publish news online and shall publish a print edition twice a week. With a daily circulation of 45,000, Ann Arbor representatives told its employees that they were free to apply to Ann but job cuts were inevitable.

Football is probably the most popular sport in Ann Arbor and is a regular feature in the sports section of any news provider, be it the internet or print. Another favorite is Baseball with the University of Michigan Baseball team being extremely popular amongst the residents. Taking sports viewership to the next level is the Michigan High School Athletic Association. They are starting a cable TV channel which will cover high school events and other sporting events and display it on the internet. Amalgamating technology with intellect, they have roped in Comcast, one of Michigan’s largest cable service providers as its network provider. The games that shall be shown on this channel shall mostly be recordings of the sporting events that have been conducted, as most of these games cannot be carried live on TV.

From the look of it Ann Arbor presents itself as one of the most lucrative places to live in, in the United State. It has been ranked as one of “the top places to live” in many lists published by several media outlets.

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United States Weather News and Global Warming

Global warming is being laughed at by millions of people as news about the weather continues to be very cold. On January 5, 2010 The Weather Channel said forecasters are bracing for the worst winter in 25 years for the United States. I personally left the Nashville, Tennessee area in below freezing temperatures on Sunday January, 3rd enroute to Lexington, Kentucky where it was below freezing. Alright, I went north but then I boarded a plane and a connector flight ending up in Charlotte, North Carolina where it was freezing Sunday night. Then I headed to Hickory, North Carolina where it has remained freezing Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. The temperature now on Tuesday evening is 25 degrees F and will reach 19 in a few hours.

The Weather Channel said the cold spell is expected to last for weeks. Now, how can global warming alarmist say the world is in danger of warming too much? Record colds are being reported even as far south as Florida for many cities. Add to this cold wind chills and the weather actually feels colder than the already below freezing temperatures in too many places to list here. Update on the weather in Florida as I am writing this just after 11:00 P.M. January, 5th. The state of Florida has announced a State of Emergency because of the record breaking cold weather. Wake up global warming alarmist to the news right in front of you. Check it out in other countries as well. Climate change is natural and will always happen in spite of mans shortcomings. Man-made or anthropogenic causes of global warming are so minuscule it will never stop global freezing temperatures.

Copenhagen, Denmark was cold for the Climate Change Summit and Washington D.C. was freezing as President Obama arrived back from Copenhagen. Is there not something wrong with this picture in relation to global warming? The temperatures are dropping still lower as I am finishing this article. If lowering temperatures were happening on a small scale then global warming enthusiasts might have a point. Global freezing is being reported on a massive scale. The winter of 2009 was brutal. The winter of 2010 is already brutal and it is in the beginning stages.

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Online Marketing Using Google News And Google Videos

You can easily get a great deal of views using video, but it’s very hard to convert the traffic into sales. I took the keyword phrase that converted the very best for an affiliate program and I created a video, optimized it, and uploaded it. It had been short and showed an excellent use for the product.

When doing a search for the product, my affiliate site ranks #2 (directly behind the merchant) and my video ranks #6. Conversions are up nearly threefold. Depending on what I did, the bottom line is optimizing the video for any keyword phrase that converts the best through a search to ensure that people who typed in that particular query would be the most qualified buyers. Sounds simple enough, but search alone wasn’t doing the work.

I used a descriptive, keyword-rich file name using dashes between your words for my video file. I spent a lot of your time on my Title Tag, just as I do with my web pages, and the Description Tag fully supported the Title. Essentially, I optimized the video page as I would every other page. I then submitted it to Google Video and YouTube.

If you use video in an effort to promote your business or your products, make sure that you have your logo and/or your website URL in plain sight at the beginning and end from the video. Since there is not a way to push the visitor automatically to a URL like Camtasia does, you’ll have to rely on “branding”. If you have software that can “watermark” your logo, URL, or something to distinguish ownership, I recommend using it. I made the mistake of recording some videos for affiliate products and programs without doing that, and they are now hosted on competing affiliate sites.

If you keep your videos branded, you can become an authority and do a lot with videos to help increase your conversion. Used to do a two minute video on a product where, at the end, I mentioned if they wanted to begin to see the best feature of the product they should go to the website on the screen and signup to see the full video for free. That way, I was able to perform a huge name capture. The follow-up resulted in a conversion of 6.3%. The key is to have a “Call to Action” at the conclusion of the video and provide them a reason to come to your site and get more.

I was still offering the video for free (pushing the free line to the visitor’s favor), but I had been also using a name squeeze page for future follow-up. The procedure was good as it led to a very good conversion ratio. The feedback received indicated the info presented in the “full version” of the video was excellent plus they wanted the product right then and there. Of course, the full version allowed me to push them to the order page following the video finished.

In my opinion, the tutorial or teaching industry is wide open. Very few good companies take the time to teach their customers how to best use their product. Create “how to” or “tutorial” videos on tasks doable by your product. With a simple camcorder, the right knowledge, and a connection to the web, you can increase your share of the market and become recognized as the residing expert in your field.

Also, as you are hosting the “full version” from the video, can you imagine the number of links you could obtain? This could solidify your hold in your market. The entire version of the video that I was offering received over 700 one-way links just 10 days after it was launched. That number continues to grow even months after it had been released.

Google News

Google News is one way you can become a trusted source of information. It will come to you every day, scrape content and post it on the front page of the category you are targeting. While you can submit your press releases for display as “news” and subsequent indexing, that may be the lazy way to approach it.

There have been too many Spammers who take this approach, causing “clogging” in the system. Get your site known, become an expert and provide real news, not just regurgitated information. Separate yourself from the masses and the Google editors will take note. Google only accepts multi-author sites, and they have requirements on the URL structure before inclusion is possible. Each URL must have a unique number (three digits or more) in the file path.

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Authors – Where Radio Stations Get Their News and How to Profit From It

Authors, you may not be aware of a very unique opportunity to get the word out about your book and your teaching, training, coaching or consulting business. If you recall in some of the old black and white movies newspapers and radio stations got their news form the Associated Press wire.

They would be sitting at their desk and then they would hear the ticker on the wire matching going and they would jump up and start reading a strip of paper with news updates on it.

This wasn’t that many years ago, now with the advent of the internet its amazing that nothings really changed. Newspapers still need to get the news to print except nowadays they go to the internet. They go to websites that offer short, concise updates and its this process that gives the authors a very unique opportunity to market their book or business.

These web site’s provide current, and newsworthy content to radio stations when visiting the web site radio stations find audio recordings, sound bites, interview’s, public service announcements, and national and international news.

The recordings are available for unrestricted use in news broadcasts, talk shows, or public service announcements.

In order for an author to benefit form this opportunity they should bundle their book with a holiday or a yearly event. They should also keep an eye out for other news worthy events that they can couple their book with to compound their exposure throughout the year.

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New Orleans Jazz – News and Views – Jim Robinson

Nathan “Jim” Robinson – born December 25th 1892 at Deer Range Louisiana: died May 4th 1976 in New Orleans. Just a little bit of history to get this show on the road!

Jim studied guitar as a kid but took up trombone in the army in the First World War. He returned to New Orleans in 1919 and was good enough to join the Sam Morgan Band in which he was a fixture for a dozen years. He studied with Sunny Henry and worked with Lee Collins in the Gold Leaf Band.

He stayed active during the Depression, mainly with Avery “Kid” Howard and was a regular with the George Lewis Band.. Jim recorded with the Sam Morgan Band in the 1920′s, legendary recordings that have been re-issued many times. He was on the Kid Rena Decca sessions and is of course on most of Bill Russell’s Bunk Johnson recordings. One of the greatest Jazz Band recordings occurred at this time, with Bunk missing, Jim Robinson and George Lewis together with Baby Dodds, Slow Drag and Lawrence Marrero created the great anthem of New Orleans collective jazz improvisation. It’s yours to listen today on American Music AMCD 4. The tune is called “San Jacinto Stomp” – it’s my desert island disc – but more of that later. Now listen to “Ice Cream” with Jim giving it his all and again there are no solos, just jazz. It is on AMCD 2 and by the way, listen carefully to Baby Dodds on the drums.

Jim toured and recorded countless times with George Lewis and Kid Howard, and made some wonderful recordings under his own name on the Riverside label..This is a small part of Jim Robinson’s very busy music-filled life. I am not attempting a biography here, my main purpose is to get you to listen to”Big Jim” yourselves! Scathing critics in the mainstream and modern jazz fields have carped at the apparent simplicity of his style, “the agricultural trombone of Jim Robinson” said one critic in the Jazz Journal.

Having spent my life studying, playing, living and loving New Orleans Jazz, I can tell you that more trombone players have tried and given up in frustration trying to emulate the Jim Robinson style. I’m not talking about copying Jim note for note. No one would want to copy George Lewis, Jim Robinson, Bunk Johnson or Kid Howard. What we are looking for is the style -the purpose of the instrument in a jazz band playing in the New Orleans ensemble The above musicians actually created a style – yes – an original creation for us to listen to, enjoy and even emulate.

I can tell you that the thrill of playing and listening to a band in this style is for me “The meaning of life” The quest for the orgasmic wall of rhythmic sound that is not arranged and spontaneous ensemble improvisation is nirvana.

I suppose my desert island disc would be American Music AMCD 2 “When You and I were Young Maggie”

But I send you a warning – this music is addictive – beware! Wait a minute I have got another must-have! In 1963 Tom Bethel recorded Kid Howard at San Jacinto Hall in New Orleans with Kid Howard, Jim Robinson, George Lewis, George Guesnon, Slow Drag and Cie Frazier. It’s on GHB 23 – I’ve got to have that one with me! Look out – here comes another one Jim Robinson stars here on “Moonlight and Roses on GHB

New Orleans Jazz specialist Geoff Gilbert, banjo player writer and broadcaster lives in the French Quarter. Born in England in 1932. he formed and led the Gothic Jazz Band in 1962. After moving to Sydney, Australia in 1964, he formed the Harbour City Jazz Band and began his jazz radio show on 2MBS-FM which ran for 30 years. He was Director of Entertainment for the Sydney Showboat where he entertained jazz fans from all over the world with New Orleans Jazz. In 2001, Geoff relocated to New Orleans to continue his love affair with the birthplace of jazz.

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